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Ultrasound Cleaning Tanks Provide Superior Results For Ophthalmology Applications

Posted by Bryan on 2/21/2013 to Ophthalmic Equipment
Ultrasonic equipment provides an effective and efficient method to cleanse precision instruments and fragile items from eyeglasses to jewelry. By using high-frequency sound waves, which are inaudible to humans, to agitate a cleaning solution, surface contaminants are thoroughly but gently removed. Dislodging greasy, waxy and sticky particles is effortless, and there is no need for environmentally harmful chlorofluorocarbons.

Ophthalmologists find that using their own on-site ultrasonic cleansing tank is the professional way to achieve economical results. Most materials can be cleaned in an ultrasonic tank including glass, rubber, plastic and metals. This decontamination method is especially well suited to parts having tight crevices and corners. For an example of ultrasound cleaners that many businesses prefer, go to exam lane packages page for more detailed information.

Other reasons to consider using an ultrasound cleaning tank include their ease of use, the time saved compared to other cleaning methods and the predictability of the outcome. This system is even safe for contact lenses and other optical accessories. Moreover, aqueous cleaning solutions give an almost instantly dry feel to the item upon removal from the tank. Maintenance is minimal and it is a simple procedure for any technician.

Even more amazing about cleaning items with ultrasound technology is the fact that no scrubbing or brushing by hand is required. Once you put the items to be cleaned into the tray or basket, you just lower it into the tank, close the top and set the timer. This gives the worker a few free minutes to attend to other duties.

Ultrasonic cleaners contain an ultrasound generator, a transducer and a tank that holds a liquid cleanser. The generator and transducer, which are in the bottom of the tank and covered with the solution, create tiny, yet powerful waves in an ebb and flow dynamic. These waves are comprised of gaseous bubbles that act much like cold boiling. Consequently, exam lane packages is the place to look for professional cleaning solutions.
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