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Tomey AL100 Biometer

Part Number AL100
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Tomey AL100 Biometer
Tomey AL100 Biometer
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Measure Axial Length Quickly & Easily
The AL-100 is designed for fast, simple operation.
Tone-assisted measurement notifies the operator when the probe is aligned & measurements recorded.
The AL-100 takes up to 10 readings for the IOL calculation.
The AL-100 measures axial lengths from 15-40mm with an accuracy of 0.1mm & a resolution of 0.01mm.
Eye modes include Normal, Aphakic, Pseudophakic & Dense Cataract. Pseudophakic mode is able to select three materials:
Silicone, Acrylic and PMMA.
Measurements may be acquired automatically or manually & in Contact or Immersion modes.
IOL Power Calculations
The AL-100 calculates IOL power with a vast array of formulas:
-Haigis Standard
-Haigis Optimized & Showa
Other formulas may be added as well.
The AL-100 can display up to two lens constants & the corresponding IOL powers.
Up to 10 lenses & lens constants can be also be stored for use (along with the corresponding Surgeon Fator, SF).

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