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Propper Insight Indirect

Part Number 19918500
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Propper Insight Indirect
Propper Insight Indirect
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Propper Insight:
At 380 grams, Insight is the lightest full featured BIO available.
Ergonomic Flip-Up design eliminates the need for an optical system strap on the headband and eases adjustment of the optical system.
Integrated shock resistant cable protects instrument hardware from being damaged by forceful disconnection of the power supply.
Colorsoft LED Technology:
A bright, natural and lasting alternative to halogen bulbs without the harsh blue/white light associated with LED.
The color temperature of the brighter LED light source is adjusted to the yellow spectrum, which is perceptually softer to the patient.
ColorSoft LED will not fade or need replacing like a halogen bulb.
Illumination Attenuation Control:
A configuration of opto-mechanical polarized filters adjusts from full brightness to zero light emission by adjusting a lever.
This requires no maintenance and will last the lifetime of the instrument, making it superior to the traditional solid state rheostat control.
Position Activated Power:
Flip-Up optical system with magnetic contacts automatically powers the LED light source when the optical system is in the operating position and powers off when in the "out-of-the-way" position. With Adaptor

Welch Allyn 12500D BIO
Welch Allyn 12500D BIO
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