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Exam Lane Packages
Ophthalmic Equipment
-Exam Chairs/Stands
-Ophthalmic Phoroptor
-Ophthalmic Slit Lamps
-Tonometers & Non Contact
-Ophthalmic Visual Acuity
-Lensometer Auto-Manual
-Ophthalmic Stools
-Ophthalmic Tables
-Trial Lens Set
-Keratometer / (portable)
-Ophthalmic Accessories
-Auto Refractor/Keratometer
-Ophthalmic Perimeter
-Ophthalmic Topographer
-Specular Microscope
Used Equipment
A/B Scans & Pachymeters
-Streak Retinoscopes
Refraction Aids
-Retinoscopy rack
-Foreign Body Removal Kit
-Spectacle loupes
-Color test books
-Alger brush
-Prism Bars/Sets
-Frame Warmer
-Optical Flippers
-Cross Cylinders
-Skiascopy rack
-Stereoacuity Testing
Ophthalmic Batteries
Ophthalmic Bulbs
-Slit Lamp
-Non Contact Tonometer
-Indirect lenses
-YAG laser lenses
Optical Lab Equipment
-Tint Units
-Centering Device
-Hand Lens Edger
-Auto Polisher
-Ultrasonic Cleaners
-Lens Driller
-UV Tester
-Misc. Lab Equipment
-Frame Warmer
-Pattern Maker
-Auto Beveller
-Auto Groover & Beveller
-Auto Lens Groover

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When you are ready to purchase a phoroptor for your ophthalmic or medical practice, turn to K&R Ophthalmic Service. In addition to carrying a variety of phoroptors to help you choose the best device for your practice, we also carry a number of accessories such as phoroptor arms and even dust covers to help you protect your valuable equipment.

The phoroptor is the cornerstone of most ophthalmic practices and is used to assist in the diagnosis of a number of ophthalmic conditions including astigmatism, myopia and hyperopia. It also helps to assess eyesight function such as eyesight balance, eyesight amalgamation and stereoscopic vision. The lenses used in our equipment are made of high-grade plated film, and the device is made with exquisite technique to provide you and your patients with a more comfortable experience.

Whether you are seeking a traditional manual phoroptor or are ready to upgrade to a new digital phoroptor, you will find that our prices are competitive. We have been serving the ophthalmic industry for over 30 years. Not only do we carry an excellent selection of the best quality ophthalmic equipment available, we also offer a talented service department to help keep your equipment running at its best for years to come.

Call us today at 317-356-5199 or 317-736-5946 to talk to one of our friendly employees who can help you get started placing your order.