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Part Number DGH55
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The DGH Technology, Inc. Pachmate (DGH 55) is the ultimate in portable pachymeters. Only 6.9 inches long and 3.6 ounces in weight. The Pachmate is a handheld pachymeter that gives accurate reliable corneal thickness measurements. The Pachmate will easily fit in a lab coat or shirt pocket. The Pachmate is rugged in design and one of the worlds smallest portable pachymeters. Every Pachmate will rapidly store and recall up to 25 measurements bilaterally. The display shows a running average and the standard deviation in microns. The Pachmate can be permanently configured to meet the operators requirements Audible feedback indicates both valid measurements and the completion of each measurement group. The Pachmate is designed for aiding in glaucoma screening. When IOP correction is enabled, press and hold the ENT button after obtaining measurements and an IOP correction value will appear on the display. The probe offers two additional features. The angle of the probe is adjustable to aid in proper applanation. The probe is detachable for easy cleaning and replacement. Each Pachmate is delivered in a handsome carrying case with a battery charger, extra rechargeable batteries and a calibration verification device. The Pachmate is simple to use. Power up and start taking measurements. Proven Accuracy Rapid Bilateral Measurements Adjustable Probe angle Durable Reliable IOP Correction Calculation The DGH 55 Pachmate arrives with the following: Pachmate Hand Held Pachymeter Pachmate Calibration Box Travel Case Battery Charger 4 AAA Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries 1 9V Alkaline Battery Pachmate Manual Pachmate Quick Reference Guide Product Specifications: Measurement Range: Standard: 200 microns to 1100 microns Accuracy: ± 5 microns Resolution: 1 micron Internal Clock Accuracy: ±0.002% Size: Length 6.92" (175 mm) x Width 1.69" (43 mm) Depth .83 (21 mm) Weight: 3.6 Ounces (112 grams) Power Requirement: Two (2) AAA batteries New Distinctive Colors Available: Black, White, Royal Blue, Burgundy, Teal