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  » Exam Lane Packages
  » Ophthalmic Equipment
     - Exam Chairs/Stands
     - Ophthalmic Phoroptor
     - Ophthalmic Slit Lamps
     - Tonometers & Non Contact
     - Ophthalmic Visual Acuity
     - Lensometer Auto-Manual
     - Ophthalmic Stools
     - Ophthalmic Tables
     - Trial Lens Set
     - Keratometer / (portable)
     - Ophthalmic Accessories
     - Auto Refractor/Keratometer
     - Ophthalmic Perimeter
     - Ophthalmic Topographer
     - Specular Microscope
     - Radiusgauge
  » Used Equipment
     - Miscellaneous
  » A/B Scans & Pachymeters
  » Diagnostics
     - BIO
     - Ophthalmoscopes
     - Streak Retinoscopes
     - Transilluminators
     - Handles
     - Pupilometers
  » Refraction Aids
     - Retinoscopy rack
     - Foreign Body Removal Kit
     - Exophthalmometer
     - Occluders
     - Spectacle loupes
     - Color test books
     - Alger brush
     - Prism Bars/Sets
     - Frame Warmer
     - Optical Flippers
     - Cross Cylinders
     - Skiascopy rack
     - Stereoacuity Testing
  » Ophthalmic Batteries
  » Ophthalmic Bulbs
     - Keratometer
     - Lensometer
     - Projector
     - Slit Lamp
     - Non Contact Tonometer
     - Ophthalmoscope
     - Retinoscope
     - Transilluminator
     - Radiusgauge
  » Lenses
     - Indirect lenses
     - YAG laser lenses
  » Optical Lab Equipment
     - Tint Units
     - Centering Device
     - Hand Lens Edger
     - Auto Polisher
     - Ultrasonic Cleaners
     - Lens Driller
     - UV Tester
     - Misc. Lab Equipment
     - Frame Warmer
     - Pattern Maker
     - Auto Beveller
     - Auto Groover & Beveller
     - Auto Lens Groover
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Optometry Equipment

When you're selecting optometry equipment for your practice, it's important to have a supplier who is as knowledgeable and experienced with the product as you are. K&R Ophthalmic Equipment and Service has been serving the needs of optometrists and other ophthalmic specialists for the past 30 years. In addition to selling top quality brands at competitive prices, we also offer fantastic deals on used optometry equipment and have a full service department to help you keep your equipment functioning at its best.

Make K&R Ophthalmic Equipment and Services your go-to source for all your optometry equipment including:

We also offer replacement pieces and other supplies that will help you keep your optometry practice running smoothly and efficiently.

Do you need supplies for your on-site optometry lab? We are a one-stop shop for the best brands in optical lab equipment and supplies. Talk to us the next time you need a lens edger or driller, groover and beveller, frame warmer or any type of miscellaneous optical lab supplies.

We offer fast shipping through UPS, and our goal is to have your supplies shipped within 24 to 48 hours. If uncontrollable circumstances do not allow us to do that, we will keep up constant communication with you and get your supplies to you as soon as we possibly can.