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Ophthalmic Slit Lamps

Outfit Your Exam Room with a
State-of-the-Art Ophthalmic Slit Lamp

Make sure that your ophthalmic or optometric practice is outfitted with the latest advancements in eye exam technology.

Slit Lamp (2 Mag)
Slit Lamp (2 Mag)
Slit Lamp (3 Mag)
Slit Lamp (3 Mag)
Slit Lamp (5 Mag)
Slit Lamp (5 Mag)
Slit Lamp Accessories
Slit Lamp Accessories
Slit Lamp (hand held)
Slit Lamp (hand held)

As dedicated ophthalmic enthusiasts, we have scoured the globe in search of high-quality exam equipment and supplies that are affordable and readily available. Our premium selection of ophthalmic exam equipment includes slit lamps from leading brands such as Luxvision Precision Instruments, Right Medical, iBEX, Ezer, etc.

At KR Ophthalmic Equipment you will find top slit lamp models featuring a range of magnifications including 2x, 3x, and 5x magnification suitable for all levels of professional eye examination. We also offer a compact and light-weight hand-held slit lamp designed to allow thorough exams even while out of the office. Don't forget to check out our selection of slit lamp accessories like power supply options, replacement bulbs, mounting hardware, and more.

Professional ophthalmic slit lamps for conclusive eye exams, brought to you by krophthalmicequipment.com