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More on K&R Ophthalmic Equipment

Posted by Bryan on 3/21/2013 to Ophthalmic Equipment
K&R offers the best in new and used ophthalmic equipment from chairs, stands, phoroptors, slit lamps, tonometers and projectors. K&R now offers the automated lensmeter which is presently the only lensmeter that can measure the low-grade lens below 0.12. The lens meter can also measure the pigmented lens with a degree of clarity being 10%. The lensmeter also measures the progressive lens and displays the pupil diameter. Their Ophthalmic exam chairs are great for all refracting lanes and come in a huge variety. The chairs all have either an electronic or hydraulic base to raise and lower the patient and some even possess a tilting system as well.

K&R offers digital phoroptors with the major components of the equipment being Jackson Cross-Cylinders which is used for astigmatism correction. It's eye chart can be at six meters or 40 centimeters for individuals with reading glasses. A retinoscope is used to provide primary settings for the equipment. Their phoroptors can also measure the resting position of the eyes. The projectors come with a rotatable chart-carrying disc and mask plate which are even with each other. A light source as well as projecting lens are provided which project a chart along with a mask opening onto the screen. An index tube is illuminated on the optical path and brings a pigmented filter on the edging.

The auto refractors measure how light is changed as it enters a person's eye. No feedback is required from the patient when using an auto refactor and the prescription is given instantly. This equipment is especially useful for non-communicative people such as children and certain senior citizens.

Whatever your ophthalmic equipment needs are you can be sure to them all at K&R for low prices. All products are shipped via UPS.
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