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IBEX 5 mag LED Slit Lamp

Part Number LED Slit lamp
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IBEX 5 mag LED Slit Lamp
IBEX 5 mag LED Slit Lamp
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Micro-Surgical Optics:
With modern optical design typical of high end surgical microscopes, iBEX delivers high definition observation with reduced reflections and the widest field of view. Ultimately, the user achieves improved diagnosis and less observation strain.
LED Illumination:
The proprietary LED delivers the industrys brightest and most uniform illumination. Wavelengths are full spectrum and synced to maximize anterior and posterior observation. Most importantly, heat to the patients eye has been reduced by nearly 90% compared to traditional illumination, resulting in greater patient comfort during intense and prolonged observation.
Industry's Widest Field of View:
The latest Ibex 5-Step model features an industry first ultra-wide 43mm field of view at standard 6x magnification. This forward thinking design allows for increased observation in less time and with significantly less manual joystick movement.
Mechanical System:  
To insure that youre your upgrade to iBEX is effortless and exciting, our engineers made sure that all mechanical controls and features are conveniently positioned and consistent with industry standards.
Outstanding Features:
Razor-sharp high definition optics
LED Sync illumination
Widest field of view
5-Step converging optical head
Base mounted finger-tip accessible rheostat control
Vertical design reduces reflections and increases the field of view
Smooth movement and precise mechanics
Triangular steel base for a lifetime of stability
Soft edge, non scratch black matte table
Never change a bulb-Last a lifetime
Imaging Compatible
EZ Shipping and Setup:
Weve made the process simple. iBEX Slit Lamps are 95% pre-assembled and shipped direct to your office by FedEx. Unpacking and installation takes 20 minutes or less and includes an oversized set up guide. Rest assured, you can always pick up the phone and talk to us directly. We too enjoy purchasing products that are easy and convenient to setup. For those of you who dont want to lift a finger, we work with more than 100 independent service techs throughout the US and can arrange full service installation in most areas. Quick Installation Guide included.
Research & Development:
iBEX products are designed and built by Appasamy & Associates in collaboration with Trevi Technology. With Appasamys 2500 employees and a 600+ research and development team leading the way, Appasamy and Trevi promote a creative environment where research, development, clinical testing and manufacturing work seamlessly. The work is carried out with one objective to build performance products that enhance clinical eye exams.

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