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GR-14 Phoroptor (Minus cylinder)

Part Number GR-14
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GR-14  Phoroptor (Minus cylinder)
GR-14 Phoroptor (Minus cylinder)
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Unique butterfly design - All-sided visual functions checking, accurate and comfortable measurement.
With our vast experience and technical know-how in the ophthalmic field we have developed a more precise and labor saving tester.
The GR 14 Refractor is applicable to ophthalmic departments and optical stores for precision measurement of visual functions such as:
-visual acuity balance
-phoria -stereoscopic vision and visual acuity
-Capable of checking all-slided visual function
-with accurate and comfortable measurements
-Exquisite manufacturing technique
-with comfortable feel 
-High grade plated-film used in all optic lenses  
Outstanding Features: 
-Atractive design
-Precision excellence in testing for myopia and astigmatism 
-Cross cylinder and rotary prism provide the widest field of view 
-It employs an unique mechanism in the convergence system 
-The selection of auxiliary lenses provide a greater testing range 
-Oil less bearing provide greater precision and durability 
-Other visual funcions area available, such as binocular vision (binocular vision, stereopsis, aniseiconia, etc).
-High-grade coating excecuted on all lens surfaces.

ERF-2600 Phoroptor (Minus cylinder)
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