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GDR-7000 Digital Phoroptor
Part Number GDR 7000
GDR-7000 Digital Phoroptor
GDR-7000 Digital Phoroptor
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GDR7000 Digital Refractor: Easy instalation & powerful networking Simple automated eyes examination system - Convenient system installation thru Junction box . - Single cable connection among the instruments. Perfect networking & data management - Useful data-link among mirror chart,projector,refractor & lensmeter . Supports the connection of chart presentation devices by both serial and IR interface - Automatic data transmission & integrated management of customer´s data. Economic & efficient system - Built-in printer in the Operation Panel . - It is not necessary additional connection devices & installation procedure for system extension . (Refractometer´s data and lensmeter´s data can be shared in multiple GDR systems). Powerful cross cylinder lens - The dual cross cylinder lens makes fast & convenient examinations.. - Automatic occluding function prevents examinee´s eye from accomodation, while the lens is rotating over 45 degree, for precise and comfortable examination. Vertex distance check and cornea illumination Accurate tests are guaranteed by positioning the examinee´s eyes correctly before tests. Easy and flexible PD control Form any mode, you can adjust the PD easily and conveniently. When the test mode is changing between far and near, the PD is automatically calculated and set. Support perfect convergence During the presbyopia and near vision test, GDR7000 provides perfect convergence function. This function makes the examinee´s eyes aligned with the center of lenses for precise measurements. - Near PD : 45mm - 75mm - Near working distance : 35cm a 70cm Accurate rotary prism Precise data can be obtained by measuring up to 20 ∆ by 0.1 ∆ step. Automatic occluding function option helps to perform precise and comfortable examinations while the prisms are changing directions. Adjustable LCD display Operator always can see the clear screen by adjusting the LCD from 0° to 90° . Quick and convenient function key - Provides short-cuts over 200 different options and advanced functions according to the test modes and various situations. Combination with SHIFT or ALT, buttons on the control panel provide one-touch operating environment. - Various & well-organized short-cuts. Data preset function Enables to set up the lenses at once in any modes when the user presets examinee´s data . Interactive menu system Easy operating environment interactive system. Simple and easy buttons The buttons play multiple functions according to tests and menu modes. Selection, changing and execution of menus or tests are mode faster in this environment. Convenient ESC function The ESC key provides convenient function to return back to main examination mode canceling a menu or a test executed before. Help mode & real - time guide Real time guide & HELP function guide you to make easy & fast refraction showing the information you need on the LCD display by graphics. Displaying the result data in tables and graphics Well-organized result data in tables and graphics help you to understand the results at first glance . Operation panel with a built-in high-speed printer Easy and fast to combine with any kinds of refraction units without installing additional printer . The powerful 32-bit CPU loaded printer provides quick data printing. You will also be satisfied with the easy way to replace printing paper . GDR7000 supplies the most various examination methods compared with other refractors. - 18 visual acuity tests - 26 monocular and binocular (correction) tests - 35 user-defined tests can be stored and edited Powerful program function - Up to 10 user-defined programs can be stored. - In a user-defined program, any of single tests, auxiliary lenses, fogging, chart masking, and other options can be all stored. - Renaming the user-defined programs is also possible for the user´s convenience Worldwide chart & various vision test methods. Controller: Type A (OP-1A) Controller Type B ( OP-1B ) Controller Type C ( OP-1C ) Controller Type D ( OP-1D ) Sharp design & intelligent near vision chart - The near point card rotates freely in all directions , 360 degree horizontally and 180 degree back and forth. - Complete chart combination for near vision test. SPECIFICATIONS Measuremente Mode Spherical Lens - 29.00D a + 26.75D ( Regular ) - 19.00D a + 16.75D ( Cross Cylinder or Prism test) ... Increments : 0.12D , 0.25D , 0.5D , 1.0D , 2.0D , 3.0D , 4.0D ) Cylinder Lens 0.00 a 8.75D ( Increments : 0.25D, 0.5D, 1.0D, 2.0D, 3.0D ) Cylinder Axis 0° a 180° ( Increments : 1° , 5° , 15° ) PD 48mm a 80mm ( Increments : 0.5mm y 1mm ) ... Near working distance : 35cm a 70cm Rotary Prism 0 a 20∆ ( Increments : 0.1∆ , 0.2∆ , 0.5∆ , 1∆ , 2∆ ) Cross Cylinder +/- 0.25D +/- 0.50D +/- 0.25D Dual Cross Cylinder Retinoscope + 1.5D , + 2.0D ( Measurement Distance 67cm , 50cm) Auxiliary Lens Occluder Pin Hole Lens o 1mm Madox Rode Right Eye (Red,Horizontal), Left Eye (Red,Vertical) Red/ Green Filter Right Eye (Red), Left Eye (Green) Polarizing Filter Right Eye: (135*, 45*) Left Eye: (45*, 135*) Split Prism Right Eye ( 6BU ) Left Eye ( 10BI: up to 5 complement ) PD Check Lens Fixed Cross Cylinder (+/- 0.50D Fixed with the axis set at 90*) Visual Angle 32* (Diameter 32 mm) Dimensions Refractor 445(W) X 255(D) X 133(H) mm / 6.9kg C ontroller 220(W) X 259 (D) X 188 (H) mm / 1.3kg(Including Built in Printer) Junction Box 350(W) X 240 (D) X 70 (H) mm / 2.2kg Power Supply AC100 - 120V / AC 220 - 240V / 50/60 Hz Power Consumption 110VA