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Ezer ECP-5200 Auto Projector

Part Number ECP5200
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Ezer ECP-5200 Auto Projector
Ezer ECP-5200 Auto Projector
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ECP-5200 Auto Projector:
Rapid and exact chart change: This feature provides you easy and accurate measurement. Compact and Light Design: With a compact and light design the  ECP-5200 can be placed in a small and narrow space. Wide range of Measurement Functions: Various measurement modes include, bioncular balancing, strabismus, aniseikonia, stereovision, binocular fusion, supperssion, etc. With multiple charts:Red/Green, polarized filter and Maddox Rod to check heterophoria, we are able to achieve higher reliability of vision tests. Sharp clear Projection: Long lasting white projection light, provides a effictive and accurate measuring environment, with a sharp clear projection in high resolution. Various Control Methods: Charts can be changed from the ECP-5200 Auto Projecoor, or the remote control conveniently from your desk or chair. Wide Range of Charts: The CEP-5200 with 23 charts including Red/Green, Polarizing filters are the new solution for binocular balance test, stereo test, aniseikonia test, and fusion test. (20/20 chart) Projection Distance: 1.5-10m Projection Magnification: 30m Number of Charts: 32 Mask & Filter: 1 Open, 5 Horizontal lines, 8 vertical lines, 5 single isolation lines, 1 Red/Green. Power Supply: 100-230V, AC 50/60Hg Lamp: 6V/20W Halogen, (1000 hrs life time) Power consumption: 0.2A at 220V Power savings: 6 minutes Tilt angle: +/- 20 degrees Accesories: Remote Control/Power Cable/Dust Cover/Battery/Fuse/Spare Lamp/Table Stand/Screen. Optional Accesories: Wall-mount bracket/Red-Green glasses/Polarized glasses.

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Front Surface Mirror Set
Front Surface Mirror Set
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