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Exam Lane Packages

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K&R Complete Lane Package KRCPL6
K&R Complete Lane Package KRCPL6
Your Price: $15,995.00
K&R Complete Lane Package KRCPL4
K&R Complete Lane Package KRCPL4
Your Price: $15,479.00
K&R Complete Lane Package KRCPL5
K&R Complete Lane Package KRCPL5
Your Price: $15,395.00
K&R Complete Lane Package KRCPL3
K&R Complete Lane Package KRCPL3
Your Price: $14,519.00
K&R Complete Lane Package KRCPL2
K&R Complete Lane Package KRCPL2
Your Price: $13,695.00
K&R Complete Lane Package KRCPL1 (combo) with charging console
K&R Complete Lane Package KRCPL1 (combo) with charging console
Your Price: $12,995.00
Ophthalmic Exam Chairs are essential for all ophthalmic refracting lanes. They come in a wide variety of styles and complexities. 

Ophthalmic Exam Units differ in appearance but all perform the same basic function.They have a hydraulic or electric base to raise and lower the patient, and most offer a tilt function or full recline mode to lower and recline the patient.

Ophthalmic Instrument Stands are comprised of several different assemblies. The overhead lamp offers illumination for reading cards. 

The Phoropter arm is mounted on a pole and is counterbalanced to offer ease of movement. 

The Slit Lamp Arm is generally integrated into the base of the stand to support the greater weight of the Slit Lamp. 

Many stands also offer a 3rd arm for the Keratometer, which is also mounted on the pole and counterbalanced. It is essential that this arm be positioned correctly, to avoid damaging the other instruments. 

Most stands have charging wells for hand held instruments and a binding post or outlet for the (BIO) Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope. They may also include switches to control the room lights and projector.


The phoropter is used during an eye examination to determine an individual's eyeglass prescription.   

Slit Lamp:

A slit lamp test is designed to have your eyes tell a story that might indicate the presence of many types of eye diseases and potential vision problems.


The tonometer is used to measure the production of the liquid found inside the eye, the aqueous humor, and the drain rate into the tissue surrounding the cornea.

Visual Acuity:

Ophthalmic visual acuity examination measures central, or foveal, vision.