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Better Refraction Aids

Posted by Carlos on 6/17/2013 to Ophthalmic Equipment
Those who need refraction aids for use in their clinic may want to start looking into what their options are. The top five refraction aids are easy to use and they are easy to use. They can aid any professional in their business, and they can be purchased easily over the internet. These are the best products which can be used as refraction aids.

The best option for those who want a good refraction is an exophthalmometer. This can help to take precise and easy measurements of the exopthalmos. There are prisms made from plastic, and it can be used to make measurements easier with a ruler on either sides with little millimeter lines. This is easy to use, and it comes with a gray case.

The next option is a color panel test. This works for those who want to test to see if their patients have any kind of color blindness. It is easy to use, and those who do so will be able to carry it around in a classy wooden case.

Another great refraction aid is a skioscopy rack. This is very lightweight, and they have 32 different powers without having to get any other lenses. They come in several different colors, and they have color coded racks that allow them to easily take care of these. It also comes in a protective case, which makes them easy to store.

Another great refraction aid which can work to help out professionals. A frame warmer works to keeps the lenses safe from warming. It can reduce the time it takes to expose, and it keep the workplace safe and at a more uniform temperature. It also has its own support.

The alger brush works to keep people from getting a ring out of their corneal tissue. Over time this will be used along with a corneal burr. This can help those who to want to keep their patients looking and feeling their best. These are all great refraction aids which can be used by professionals and easily purchased online. There are many to choose from, and they can be a great addition to any office.
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