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A Portable Keratometer In Every Exam Lane

Posted by Joe on 7/24/2013
An indispensable tool in the ophthalmic exam lane, the portable keratometer is able to go wherever you go. It is a lightweight and easy-to-read instrument, and unlike older, bulkier models, it can be carried from exam lane to exam lane with as little effort as it takes to pick up a phone.

Combining specially designed optical sensors, along with modern computer technology, the portable keratometer is able to quickly and conveniently locate any presence of an astigmatism by assessing both the size and shape of the cornea at different points. This makes it possible to determine not only the degree of correction required, but also what type of lens will be required to most accurately restore vision to the patient.

Although the keratometer is not a new addition to any opthalmic office, the convenience of a handheld model cannot be overlooked. In addition to wireless portability, ease of use, and being just as accurate as their non-portable counterparts, the nice price makes it possible to have one in every ophthalmic exam lane. Placing a portable keratometer in every exam lane may also help to improve patient satisfaction, by decreasing the length of time waiting for their appointment, without lessening the quality of the service they receive.

The keratometer continues to be the most commonly used tool for determining the presence and degree of astigmatisms, cataracts, and measuring the eye for contact lenses. Having a portable one makes it possible to carry it and use it on location, wherever it is needed most.
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